Hi, I'm Sheng-Yun (Anthony) Peng.

CS PhD Student at Georgia Institue of Technology
I am an active member of Polo Club of Data Science, where we conduct research spanning across computer vision, machine learning, human-centered AI and data visualization. My advisor is Prof. Polo Chau.
My research focuses on adversarial machine learning. Currently, I am investigating how to defend the object detectors and object trackers against digital and physical attacks.
I have collaborated with researchers, developers, and scientists while working at Georgia Tech, Intel Lab, UCLA Design Automation Lab, Tongji International Joint Research Lab of Earthquake Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Advanced Avionics and Intelligent Information Lab, and Fudan University.

Featured Research Publications

An end-to-end vision measuring framework used to measure the structural displacement via static camera and UAV
Smart Structures and Systems 2021
Developing the Anchor Free Siamese Network: a target object is defined by a bounding box center, tracking offset, and object size
arXiv:2006.07560 2020
Improving the tracking accuracy when both visible and infrared videos are provided based on SiamFC tracker
IEEE Access 2019

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